What is Instant Energy Healing?

How is Instant Energy Healing different from “old-school” energy medicine, Reiki, Qi-Gong, EFT, Spiritual Healing, lightwork, chakra balancing, etc? Here, you connect directly to the Healing Field – very fast – through morphic resonance – like this:

Energy Alignment for Healing

Energy Alignment for Healing: 3 Advances

    Energy Alignment for Healing is not just about balancing chakras, cleansing auras, unblocking qi, clearing negative energy, or space clearing. It’s bigger than just individual, local biofields, or spiritual healing, [...]
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    What kind of healing works on any issue?

    What Kind of Healing Works on Any Issue?

      Is there a specific healing method that can work on all levels? On any kind of problem: physical pain, emotional anxiety, mental stress, hidden childhood trauma, self-sabotage, spiritual stuckness – [...]
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