Energy Alignment for Healing: 3 Advances

Energy Alignment for Healing

Energy Alignment for Healing is not just about balancing chakras, cleansing auras, unblocking qi, clearing negative energy, or space clearing. It’s bigger than just individual, local biofields, or spiritual healing, or lightwork.

Avoid the mistake of assuming that Energy Alignment is limited to any single kind of energy. Because EVERYTHING needs to Align! But how is that even possible?

3 ways to advance your Energy Alignment for Healing

Don’t stay stuck in common conventions and clichés of energy healing that stick to practices like “chakra balancing,” “aura cleansing,” “visualize white light,” and platitudes to “raise your vibration” or “let go of limiting beliefs and negative thoughts.”

Those ideas might satisfy a simplistic, surface-level understanding of energy healing. But in the larger reality, those methods are actually just a tiny fraction of what true “Energy Alignment for Healing” entails.

Energy healing is often erroneously limited to focusing on local energy fields or individual bio-fields that are close to the body. Or so-called “spiritual light” and esoteric energies from the beyond.

But everything has energy. Not just things that are alive. And not just things that are deemed to come from the higher spiritual realms. Your shoes have energy. Your intention to buy groceries this afternoon has energy. Your ancestors’ tendency to judge appearances has energy. And that energy is not necessarily located in your local field – it might well be non-local.

Another common error is to ignore the effects of resonance, both locally, and non-locally as in morphic resonance. Energy fields are not isolated – they resonate with other energies, across space and time. And everything in the cosmos has energy. So every single energy field communicates with every other energy field – not just the fields that are spatially close together.

That’s why, in order for you to do effective Energy Alignment for Healing, you will need to…

Because true Energy Alignment means that ALL your energies must be congruent with ALL other energies, on all levels and scales. All the way up to infinite Wholeness, and all the way down to the space between your subatomic particles.

It’s not enough just “balance” each of your individual chakras internally. You have to balance them with all your other chakras… and with all your acupuncture meridians… and with every layer of your aura, not to mention your family’s chakras and meridians, your ancestors’ feng shui, your children’s future, plus of course the birds and trees outside your window, the electrons in the nitrogen atoms in the salad you ate yesterday… and that’s just for starters!

Yep, that’s pretty huge. It’s infinite.

Most energy healing modalities ignore the higher-level interrelationships of Energetic Alignment

Even those energy-healing methods that acknowledge holism tend to stick to dealing with one, or a small handful, of energies.

For example, energy psychology methods like tapping / EFT might seem to be fairly holistic because they include mental, emotional, and physical issues and correlate them with energy meridians. But they still exclude tons of hugely influential energies that may be outside of your awareness, like feng shui and geopathic energies, to name just a couple.

Don’t get me wrong, I love tapping, I use it a lot, and it often works wonders. But I modify it and “Now-Healing-ize” it to make it much more expansive and all-encompassing!

(Curious to learn how to “Now-Healing-ize” other modalities? Check out the Now Healing 101 Course on the other website!)

For True Energetic Alignment, you must Align with Wholeness on ALL Levels

Energetic Alignment is obviously not just a mechanistic way to “line things up in a straight line.” And it is more than just congruence and coherence between things that obviously influence each other, like the heart and lungs, or a mother and baby, or the past and the future.

It is multidimensional, multi-layered, and holographic.

That’s why ALL Energies must be Aligned with ALL other energies, and everything everywhere! It’s not enough to just individually align things or make them internally congruent.

Don’t just focus on a single isolated chakra or auric layer, and leave it at that. If it needs Alignment, by all means, go ahead and Align it – but don’t stop there!

Don’t just work on “energy” while ignoring “matter” “mind” “time” “space” “spirit” “resonance” – and higher-order combinations thereof. (This mistake is the flip-side of fundamentalist materialism: fundamentalist spirituality is just as limited! Don’t get me started!)

Don’t just assume that the standard old-school healing processes are the only things that need to be worked on. Because although “balancing chakras” and “cleansing auras” and “unblocking Qi” may sometimes be necessary… they are not sufficient!

Because “Everything is interrelated” means that everything is INFINITELY interrelated. Without end. It goes on and on forever.

Yep, that’s what Wholeness means!

Don’t just stick to the common clichés, affirmations, visualizations, or similar platitudes. Expand your ideas of Alignment to include everything.

Here are just a few examples of things to include in your Energy Alignments for Healing – in no particular order:

  • All of time, past, present, future, and other dimensions
  • Fractal and holographic morphic metaphors
  • Science, math, and logic metaphors – like wave-forms, Venn diagrams, and even the ridiculously misused concept of “quantum” (don’t even get me started on this!)
  • Sacred geometry patterns, platonic solids
  • Information that comes to you as Aligned Intuition – words, sounds, symbols, images

But how???

How can you possibly Align it ALL – beyond just auras, chakras & chi?

If you’ve been following along with the Now Healing techniques that I’ve outlined in my programs…
You know how to do this kind of Energy Alignment for healing!

Here’s a hint – and please note that this is just a tiny example of what we will do in the guided healing mentioned below. We will:

  1. Align the energy of each part of your energy systems, intrinsically and internally. (For example, Align the front and back of the heart chakra, or Align the dynamics of the yin and yang of the kidney meridian.)
  2. Align the energy of each part with each other part. (This means Align all possible combinations and interrelationships. For example, Align the heart chakra with all the other chakras, one by one, then one by all, and so on.)
  3. Allow the larger field of Wholeness & LIFE ITSELF to do all the work… by opening to it fully! You know how to do this, if you’ve been paying attention! And I’ll guide you to do it again, in a NEW updated way, here…

If you know basic Now Healing, you can simply do all that, yourself!
But if you’d like my guidance, easy short-cuts, and new energy downloads, then please…

Join me in this unique NEW way to heal your energy systems – beyond stale old-school platitudes!

In this Guided Healing call:

  • We won’t just “balance” or “unblock” or “cleanse” your energy systems – because that’s thinking too small. We don’t take the clichés of old-school healing too literally!
  • Instead, we will open to FULL CONNECTION between your energies and the energies of Life Itself.
  • We will allow the larger field of the Wholeness of LIFE to do the balancing and unblocking, and more importantly, whatever else needs to be done that we cannot direct or define
Guided Healing - Energy Bio-Fields

Join this Guided Healing, and we will Align:

  • Your intrinsic body energies, (chakras, meridians). We won’t just “align” them individually. We’ll also fully Align them with each other, and with LIFE itself!
  • Your auric field & heart-field. Again, they must be Aligned, multi-dimensionally – not just individually!
  • Your life flow patterns (health, spirit, love, money, purpose, creativity). They must ALL Align in a complex waveform that flows through time & space – and flows with LIFE itself.

PLUS… you’ll get a powerful healing for YOUR specific intention: we will Align & Energize it!

New LIVE Events Monthly – Check Schedule Here

Or you can go even deeper and try these:

Use the intermediate instant-healing techniques taught in the checklists of the Now Healing 101 Course

Or use the advanced sacred geometry techniques taught in the Healing Helix course.

Too advanced for you? You can keep it super simple, and just join the free healing list to dip your toes and see if this resonates with you, before you go any deeper!

Questions? Comments? Add yours below!

How do you deal with making sure your Energy Alignment for Healing is fully congruent with Wholeness?

Any thoughts on any of this? I’d love to read your ideas & inspirations! (And I’ll send you a blast of instant-energy-healing-and-Wholeness, as soon as I read your comment below!)

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