What Kind of Healing Works on Any Issue?

Is there a specific healing method that can work on all levels? On any kind of problem: physical pain, emotional anxiety, mental stress, hidden childhood trauma, self-sabotage, spiritual stuckness – and even on life issues as different as relationships, abundance, and space clearing? What kind of healing works on anything?

Watch the Video to get an Instant Shift, and discover what kind of Healing works on anything:

As you watch, you’ll

• Learn why there’s no need to “believe”
• Get an Instant Shift! Connect to the larger field of Healing – it’s so simple!
• Find out how to get tons more free healing…

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How can one kind of Healing work on ALL kinds of (very different) issues?

The answer is in this excerpt from the video:

It doesn’t just focus on healing a thing from its own level.

Instead, you want to heal it from a higher level, you want to heal whatever the problem or pain is, from outside of it. And the easiest most direct way to do that is to heal that thing’s relationship and resonance to the larger fields of health and the field of healing itself.

And yes, everything has a relationship to its field of health and healing. Your relationships have a relationship to healthy relationships, and when you strengthen that, all your relationship get healing.

Your body has a relationship to the larger field of health.

Your money has a relationship, a resonance, with the larger field of healthy abundance – and if you’re experiencing money issues, then healing that larger resonance from a higher level will affect the energy and resonance of your specific money issues, sometimes seemingly miraculously.

But this is not about belief in miracles or trust or manifesting through your local intention or will or ego.

It’s not about positive thinking or feeling positive emotions. This is beyond thinking and feeling, it’s about direct connection to the larger field of healing that already exists and that resonates with and heals the field of your issues, like your money, so that your resonance with abundance is healthy and flowing and Whole.

This is not just energy healing.

Because it doesn’t just deal with sending energy, or healing the energy field or flow of a thing – it does heal the energy, but it also heals the matter, mind, spirit, time and space components, simply by connecting to the larger field of healing and Wholeness that’s already there, and tuning up to it, and resonating with it.

So this is not just energy healing or spiritual healing, it’s instant-energy-matter-mind morphic resonance healing,

I know it sounds esoteric and woo woo, but it’s actually a very simple connection that is a normal human ability.

You don’t need to believe in it…

… like you don’t need to believe you can go like this, you’re just pre-wired to do it, even though it’s a highly complex thing to do if you analyzed everything about it.

And similarly, you can connect to the larger field of healing and Wholeness right now, simply by becoming aware that it exists, and you can click into connection with it in an instant, in fact, you are connected to it… Now.  

Feel that click in to your Center, or breathe it in to your Center. You are Aligned with the larger field of Healing and Wholeness… Now.

You’re probably sensing a shift already, of both grounding and expansion.

It’s already happening, just through simple awareness… Now.

And I would love to show you…

How to use that easy instant connection, to heal anything and everything.

Are you excited to try out what kind of healing works on ANY and ALL of your issues?

If you were able to sense the instant connection to the Healing Field…
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What kind of healing works on any issue?

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  1. Thank you, Elma, for this and all of your Now Healing emails, videos, and info. I print and read all of them usually at night before sleep or first thing in the morning. I love the peaceful feeling I get. I also use the Healings on Family and Friends, which I love doing, then seeing or hearing how they’ve helped without them even knowing. Blessings.

  2. Elma, I always find your videos and emails reach me at the exact moment they’re needed. No coincidence.
    A breath of fresh air is what you bring to my busy life.
    Thank you, Marlenea

  3. Still feel.overwhelmed and dont seem to access free healing video..regards dr judith edwards

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