Best Self-Healing Practice: is yours effective?

Discover your best self-healing practice – and in the process, you will stop stress, doubt & guilt about “failing” to do it daily – or correctly!

Best self-healing practice

How to hone in on your highest healing routine & get your personal best results? Step 1: Stop worrying about being a good enough healer, or wondering if you’re “doing healing right”! Steps 2 & 3: scroll down for the…

Free Healing Process: Fast 3-Step Self-Healing Activation to Align with YOUR personal best self-healing practice!

Note: this is NOT a comparison of healing modalities that provide the best self-healing practice techniques.

This applies to ALL self-healing techniques.

Regardless of which energy-healing modality, guided meditation, or healing ritual you prefer – whether it’s EFT tapping, qi gong, Reiki, Pranic Healing, or your own blend of energy-medicine…

And regardless of which healthy behaviors you think are most essential to adopt, like mindfulness, positive thinking, grounding, spending time in nature…

You can greatly increase the effectiveness of ANY self-healing practice, if you…

Stop stressing & second-guessing!

There are zillions of self-healing practices, and many of them are lovely and wonderful. But the simple fact that there are so many modalities to choose from, can cause overwhelm, indecision, and FOMO!

And there are zillions of things you “should” do to self-heal, right?

Where to start?

Stop treating self-healing as a personality-level practice – or a list of “shoulds”

Your self-healing becomes much less effective if you focus on your personality’s wishes, judgements, self-doubts, what-ifs, or pressures to “win” at healing.

But how can you tell whether you are doing healing from your personality-level local self or “lower self”… or whether you are coming from the (much more effective) healing space of your “highest healer-self”?

Discerning this difference is essential, if you want a better chance at getting good healing results. Because…

The best self-healing practice does not come from your local self!

It comes from the Healing Field! (Or whatever you want to call it. God. Wholeness. The attractor field of ever-greater cosmic complexity and consciousness.)

So how can you tell whether you’re doing it right? How do you guarantee that your healing aim is “true”?

Red flags: is your healing practice less than effective?

If your local self’s emotions, ego, or self-esteem are overly-entangled with your healing habits… then your healing attempts will likely be scattered and less effective than you’d like!*

For example, if you experience any of the following, it’s an indication that your focus is being misdirected:

  • Worry that you’re doing healing wrong somehow.
  • Negative self-talk about your intuitive ability
  • Doubt that you possess the spiritual skills that other more advanced healers have.
  • Overwhelm because you have too many things you need to heal.
  • Confusion or indecision about where to start doing self-healing, or which of your many issues is most important to work on first.
  • Scattered lack of focus, jumping around from one thought to the next
  • Self-judgement about not being able to relax enough, or get into what you assume is the proper spiritual healing state.
  • Fear that you’re missing out on that one elusive, miraculous modality that would solve all your problems.
  • Impatience with how long you think it’s supposed to take to self-heal.
  • Guilt about rushing through your routine and cutting corners, so it probably won’t work!
  • Craving a much faster self-healing practice – and sheepishly wishing you could do it in 20 seconds instead of 20 minutes – but you assume it’s impossible!

Phew, that’s a long list! The bottom line is:

Non-attachment & non-judgement will lead to your best self-healing practice

*Paradoxical Caveat about non-attachment: Be non-attached to non-attachment! With a bit of practice doing this work the Now Healing way, you CAN do effective healing – even if you’re grumpy, pissy, or dopey! But until you get good at instantly switching on a baseline state of non-attachment, like you learn in Now Healing, it’s best to be careful, and…

Avoid holding on to expectations and entangled emotions!

Here’s how to “detach” from your “shoulds”…
so you can “attract” your highest self-healing process:

Do this Fast 3-Step Self-Healing Activation to Align with YOUR best self-healing practice:

Step 1: Prepare for self-healing

… by quickly Aligning with your Highest Healer Self and the larger field of Healing & Wholeness. I know it sounds woo-woo, but don’t worry, it’s easy! Just follow the instructions, and it will work, whether you believe it or not. (Also, after you’re done doing these 3 steps, remember to try out this other 90-second process to prepare for self-healing.)

Instructions: Say the Now Healing Commands below – and on the word “Now”, breathe the energy of the Command in & out from your Center.


  • Align with my Highest Healer Self… Now.
    (Don’t think about how this could possibly work. Simply say the Command, then breathe in & out on the word “Now” – and voilà, it has already worked!)
  • Align with the Healing Field… Now.
  • Align with the larger field of Wholeness that already exists everywhere… Now.

Step 2: Decide that it’s OK to stop stressing, second-guessing & doubting.

Yes, It’s really OK to let go of your mental chatter about doing healing! It’s OK to let go of your what-ifs and yeah-buts and what-abouts and is-it-really-working – because that kind of mental involvment is not helping, it’s a misdirection! So stop needing to be certain that it will work. Let go of needing to trust yourself. Give up believing that you need to believe or have faith – because this is not faith healing. You don’t need to believe it! Instead of believing, you simply decide to Align, like this:

Say these Commands, and on the word “Now,” breathe the Command in and out of your Center:

  • I choose to be non-attached to my self-doubt… Now.
  • I choose to be non-attached to needing scientific proof, and needing spiritual belief… Now.
  • Align with non-attachment to “shoulds” about healing… Now. [If you like, you can think of some of your big “shoulds”, and Align with non-attachment to them… Now!]
  • I Align with non-attachment to my entangled emotions… Now.
  • I choose to Align with my highest healing ability… Now.

Step 3: Align with YOUR best self-healing practice

  • I Align with my highest expression of healing discipline / ritual / routine… Now.

Don’t try to figure out what exactly it is. Instead, simply locate it in space. It’s there, somewhere! Find it, as if it’s on a map – x marks the spot. Ask your higher self to show you the x or the dot, and wherever your attention goes, there it is!

Then say this Now Healing Command:

  • Align with it… Now.

OK, great, you did it! You are Aligned… Now!

Please comment below! What did you experience?

What’s next?

Whatever you land on, as your best self-healing practice – do it regularly! And allow it to evolve.

Because your Higher Healing needs Momentum & Flow!

How to Go Deeper?

I want to make it easy for you to evolve your ever-higher self-healing practice – with consistency & grace.

So I created this Guided Healing Membership program – to support & inspire you and thousands of other self-healers.

It’s been my most popular program since it began over 12 years ago – and it’s still going strong.

Check out the rave reviews, over on my other website:

Join me in this flow of higher healing!

Please Share – Spread the Healing!

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  1. Thank you,verry helpful.

  2. I felt clearing in my sacral chakra and or pelvic area. I feel more centered/aligned now.

  3. Everyone! As soon as I read your comment, I send you a blast of instant Wholeness – and love and gratitude!!!

    @Jennifer Reyes, to answer your question: your sensations and awarenesses after you do this (or any) Now Healing work are indications that shifts are happening consciously. (Many shifts also happen beyond your awareness!) If the sensations are unpleasant, like “slight headache” or tears, that may indicate that stuff is “leaving” your field but may be encountering a bit of unconscious resistance to being let go – or resistance to having a self-healing practice – or something along those lines. No need to try hard to figure out what it is. Instead, allow that it might just take a minute or two! Try to stay non-attached and neutral to these sensations: breathe, get more Centered, and command “Align these sensations with Wholeness… Now” or whatever command seems appropriate. Let me know if that helps!

  4. I felt myself becoming more centered and focused. Thank you.

  5. I have a few tears and a slight headache now. Does that mean it’s working?

  6. Love this!

  7. I definitely felt a shift.

  8. I could feel myself expanding into wholeness and healing. Thank you

  9. It’ s the best healing I’ ve ever tried, it’ s simple, easy and it makes me feel I don’ t depend on anyone else to heal me!

  10. I will be using this. Thank you so much!

  11. I love Now Healing! It takes the whole self into account (mind/body/spirit, etc.) AND it allows self healing.

  12. Most effective healing

  13. Thanks for all your lovely comments! Sending each and every one of you a big huge Alignment of Love and Wholeness!

  14. Amazing

  15. I feel in alignment, happy and light after a session. I love the library of previous webcasts. Some days I go in and choose one that will benefit me most that day. So thankful for all I’ve learned from Elma!

  16. Thank you Elma. This is very calming.

  17. That time to explore Elma’s amazing website, You will get so much healing from it.

  18. Fabulous your stuff works every time alma thanks

  19. I love Elma and her healings. Simple, short yet very deep, very effective, very relaxing. Many thanks from the heart.

  20. What I align with as a routine/ritual/discipline (i.e “following”) of self-healing is to notice the values that inform what feels good and/or right and generates well-being. And then value those values, cultivate the stronger virtues and strengthen the ones that need strengthening. It begins with noticing what goes well. Enjoying it. Aligning with IT.

  21. I have enjoyed and received benefit from the monthly calls for quite a while. Calling in our own energy or “spirit” to our center is so essential! As a very sensitive person in the world, my field can be expensive and easily overwhelmed. Now healing brings your focus to the “center” and helps us disentangle from all the vibes which are causing disharmony. Clear and align with wholeness! Excellent advise and guidance.

  22. Thank you, Elma Mayer, for this powerful healing process.
    It’s helped me to focus strongly on developing 2 new websites, and finishing the next book.
    Liberating and empowering!

  23. During the most recent Guided Healing Seminar I experienced a powerful, positive shift which has allowed me to focus more effectively on building my 2 new websites.
    Elma’s work is a beautiful blessing.

  24. I love Elma and her healings! Or should I say Whole-ing 😊
    Sometimes the shifts are subtle, other times much more drastic, either way I keep coming back to her for the past 6 years.

    A part of me wonders if they are getting stronger?
    I woke up this morning (after doing the healing above before bed) and I feel great!
    The past couple days I was in a funk (2 days off of coffee).
    So grateful to feel better! 💐

  25. I absolutely love this healing modality. You are fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing and healing.

  26. Oh Elma am overwhelmed and flooded with self drdoubt

  27. You offered a similar healing months ago and it helped my physical and mental health over time. I didn’t notice any immediate changes then or when doing this one today, but I am confident that I will continue to heal.

  28. Sounds wonderful! I’ll check it out.

  29. Hi Elma, I’ve loved this self-healing activation; I noticed an immediate reaction (yawning, which is a clear sign of energy shift). Thanks for mentioning the negative self-talk – I can relate to that!

  30. Unbelievable results, so generous, your an Angel Elma thank you 🤩

  31. Thank you. x

  32. Thanks Elma ,so simple, just get out of my own way.

  33. exactly what i needed to get me out of stress and in the healing space.

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