Prepare for Self-Healing in 90 Seconds

This fast 90-second energy Activation quickly quiets your mind & gets you into the healing space, to prepare for self-healing sessions, energy clearing, meditation, journalling to activate your intention, manifesting, vision-boarding… or whenever you want to focus with higher awareness, and flow with creation.

Why use this process to prepare for self-healing?

What will happen in this process: you’ll get two important, instant Alignments:

1) A “Morphic Mindset Re-set” gets you non-attached to your assumptions, expectations, and limiting beliefs – about healing itself. This will quickly neutralize any beliefs, disbeliefs, doubts and dithering, so you can get started doing your self-healing session, ASAP. (And even if your chattering mind still wants to list objections, what-ifs and yeah-buts, you’ll be nicely non-attached to your monkey mind, and you can firmly tell it to be quiet and let you get to work!)

2) You’ll connect directly to the Healing Field that already exists everywhere. (This allows the healing field to start to act on you, right away, like gravity or magnetism. Coz that’s what fields do. And this makes self-healing easy, because you get healing directly from HEALING itself!)

But it’s much more obvious if you experience it directly. So let’s give it a go…

Prepare for Self-Healing


  • The first time you do this, it might take an extra minute or two, to read through the instructions. But after that, you’ll be able to whiz through the process in 90 seconds – or even faster.
  • These steps below are not just advice or suggestions. And they are not just affirmations, though they may seem similar. The process contains actual instant-energy shifts, using the Now Healing AlignTM Command and the Now Healing DisentangleTM Command.

90-Second Process:
PREPARE FOR SELF-HEALING with Instant Energy Alignment

Instructions to Prepare for Self-Healing in 90 Seconds:

  • As you read or say the Commands below, breathe the word “Now” in to your Center, then breathe it out from your Center. This will activate the Alignment.
  • What is the Center? It’s a vertical line of “information about energy and resonance” that connects your gut, heart, brain, and energy bodies to the larger field of healing and Wholeness. You can learn more about how to Activate an Alignment, on the Now Healing website – but you don’t really need to know any more right now, you can effectively do this healing Alignment just with the information you have right now!

Step 1 – Let go of assumptions about Healing.

Allow this Morphic Mindset Reset!

Allow Healing to be even bigger and wider and deeper than you can possibly imagine… Now!

Let go of assumptions about Healing.
Let healing be infinite… Now!

Not just spiritual, energetic, or psychic. Not just physical, mental, or emotional. Not just local, but infinitely cosmic and microcosmic, non-local spacetime healing.

Let Healing be instant… Now!

Say this Now Healing Command:
I Disentangle* from my assumptions about healing, and not healing… Now.

Step 2 – Let yourself off the hook.

Go easy on yourself – about what’s required for healing. You don’t need to become more spiritually evolved or enlightened, or think more positive, or eat better, or forgive your mother, or wait 6 months to learn your karmic lessons because that’s how long your psychic said it would take.

And also, you didn’t do anything wrong to cause your pain! Please… Let it be easy.

Let yourself relax into the infinite vastness of Healing. How? Like this:

Step 3 – Let yourself connect to the Healing Field – directly.

The Healing Field is all around you, and inside you. Say this Command:

I Align with instant connection to the Healing Field… Now.

Aha! There it is! Feel that? You have successfully connected to it, just by noticing that it already exists!

Not quite sure you really sense it? Here’s another way to connect:

Ask yourself “If the healing field exists (and it does, because life is about healing and regeneration, and you’re already alive), then where is the Healing Field?” Browse around for it. It’s sort of… everywhere! All around you. Inside you. Just find a little bit of it, and another bit, and there it is again, in your heart, and another part of it is in the Center of the Sun, and at the edge of the universe, and in the Center of your Cells.

There it is – the Healing Field! Voilà! Eureka! You’ve found it. (It may feel subtle. That’s why they call it “subtle energy”! It may feel like you’re listening to a very faint sound, or locating a place you’ve been to, but locating it using your awareness rather than actually going there. For example, imagine where your kitchen is, or your favorite hat. Now imagine where the Healing Field is. Yep, that’s it!)

Now, connect with the Healing Field often, in this simple, instant way…
and then notice how much more deep healing actually happens in many areas of your life.

Wow, right? Now you are prepared for self-healing!

In fact, this preparation was extremely healing in and of itself.

So even if you do nothing else, you have just done some brilliant and beautiful self-healing already!

Please Comment Below! What did you experience?

Did you feel the connection to the Healing Field?
Do you have more confidence that you are ready to do self-healing – effectively?
How prepared for self-healing do you feel?

(Note: even if you don’t feel fully prepared or confident, go do it anyway!)

Are you inspired to let Healing be infinite for you?

That was just the beginning!

You can go much deeper, and higher, and wider… with lots more powerful & fast self-healing, on all levels.

Because if you felt a nice shift from the 90-second process above… then you might also enjoy trying out one – or ALL – of these healings:

* Learn more about the Now Healing DisentangleTM Command – see this video & article:

* Now Healing DisentangleTM Command (You’ll be taken to our other website,

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  1. Thank you Elma as always you seem to know what I am shifting love the new space

  2. Elma, thank you for how you are always sharing with everyone. May this Holy Season bless you and all the World.

  3. Thank you for all of your healing energy!

  4. I have been doing alignments with you for years. Always wonderful ! Works all the time. Amazing work and concept. This will last for centuries to come. Even forever as it happens NOW:) Merry X-MAS Elma.

  5. Dear Elma,
    I’ve been following your work for 11 years now and every time I do one of these healing, no matter how short, there is an expansion happening.
    Letting healing be infinite, yes, yes to that – I always had difficulty picking just one aspect to focus on in order to heal, so why not let healing be infinite.
    It also felt wonderful to let myself off the hook, as carrying the burden of thinking you brought it onto yourself is no fun at all.
    There was lightness and spaciousness with the commands. I felt the field around me open and healing flow.
    Thank you so much!

  6. Always amazing Elma. Even if I don’t “feel” it, you are inspirational. Thank you

  7. I have been working with you for years. Always wonderful ! This time I got chills, then felt as someone was putting their had on top of my head. Pretty cool !

  8. Thank you for the free healings. I have felt subtle energy shifts.

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